Atmospheric Backgrounds with Topaz Impression

Atmospheric Backgrounds with Topaz Impression

Interesting Backgrounds Made Easy!

One of the techniques I showed in the last webinar was how to make interesting backgrounds with Topaz Impression.  During the webinar I used this in a very artistic workflow.  This technique is also very effective in the following image types:

  1. Where the background is boring, mundane or disinteresting
  2. Where the background is overpowering the foreground and/or focal point
  3. Where you want to add an element of whimsical mystery to the background

The dragon Under the Bridge small

I use this technique quite often now and wanted to share with you just how powerful it can be.  To achieve this technique, Topaz Impression works the fastest and most efficient.  However, that is not to say you could not achieve the same results using Photoshop’s Filters within the Filter Gallery and maybe some Gaussian Blur.

For those of you who own Impression, here is a screenshot of the settings used to make this effect.

Click the thumbnail below to see full size preview

Topaz Impression Settings for Background

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  1. Great as usual. Suggestion, it would be nice if you could attach the .jpeg or Raw image your using so we can walk through the process with you. Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks, Gary. Good suggestion! I typically reserve the image downloads for paid products like the Zone System courses and the HDR Insider Projects. These tutorials are informational really just to get your gears turning.

  2. more good tips to add to my Blake Rudis ring binder (I follow along and type up notes)… thanks.

  3. Two Thumbs Up. I’m using Impression and Glow often to blend with photographs which gives them a unique look. Thanks for your quick tips. As always very well done and information.

    • Thanks, Mikki! Glow and Impression rock in their subtleties. Thanks for checking out the video!


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