The Zone System Courses

DZS New Box Zone System

Digital Zone System

With the Digital Zone System you are granted unlimited control over every aspect of tone in your image.

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CZS New Box Zone System

Color Zone System

This training goes far beyond the visual analysis, it grants you unprecedented control over color that no system has ever allowed.

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ZSMC New Box Zone System

The Master Class

The ultimate training guide to maximizing an efficient workflow.  The Digital and Color Zone Systems are Prerequisites.

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Full Bundle New Box Zone System

Zone System Bundle

Includes all 3 best selling courses in one tightly wrapped package.  This is the ultimate Zone System Experience!

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The Zone System

Photo editing evolved!

Accurate, Efficient, Deliberate photo post processing designed to make Masterpieces in minutes!  This is not push button editing, leave your plugins at the door and be prepared to truly LEARN what it is to edit your photos in Photoshop.

This weekend I had a Zone System Master Class binge session with all the videos and actions after having worked with the Digital Zone System and the Color Zone Systems for almost a year and the additional controls and the level ease and automation make it an unbelievable smooth ride to a perfect picture.



Zone Systems Alumni

I am totally astounded by the tones and detail you brought out in your example shot of the red wagon. Your videos are superb: great laid back presentation, concise and easy to follow.


Zone Systems Alumni

Never thought his excellent digital zone and color zone system could be improved upon. But Blake has knocked them out of the ball park with his Zone Systems Masterclass.  The included video tutorials are excellent in Blake’s easy to follow teaching style.
Masterclass has once again opened up exciting all in one processing of my photos to a level not dreamt of.


Zone Systems Alumni

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Other Courses and E-Books

Artists Eye

The Artist’s Eye

Discover your potential to be a true artist in this course.  Over 2 hours of Photoshop specific training structured around you obtaining the Artist’s Eye!

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Exploring HDR new Zone System

Exploring HDR

Over 3 hours of HDR content geared towards making you a better HDR photographer!  Every HDR Trick Blake knows is in here!

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On 1 Box Image

HDR & Perfect Effects

Discover how to exploit the true potential in your photographs with Perfect Effects 9 using Blake’s HDR methods and his essential workflow secrets.

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Ebooks New Store

HDR E Books

Blake has written several publications on HDR and photography in general.  The eBooks are available on

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Actions Packages

Tidbits box design

Tidbits of Awesomeness!

I have put together this Action package filled to the brim with 26 tidbits of post processing awesomeness.  They are so bad-ass they warranted the name Tidbits of Awesomeness!

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Color Matching

Color Matching

This package includes two methods for matching the color palette of any photo.  It includes 2 workflow Actions, video training and 16 pre-loaded effects.

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HDR Insider

HDR Insider Members receive discounts on all of Blake’s Products as well as many products from the industry leaders in photography.


I just joined the HDR insiders and really like the venue. The critique was the first thing I looked at and really like how you approached it with very positive and constructive comments. I found that I was seeing the same things you saw and would have said about the same. I liked how you were illustrating how to use Photoshop to make adjustments and I learned a lot just from that… …This critique alone was worth the subscription. This is going to be FUN!

Valued HDR Insider Member

Discover the true potential of your HDR photographs alongside a dangerously inspiring community.

  1. Monthly HDR Projects to work on!
  2. Full Length Workflow Tutorials!
  3. Anonymous Photo Critique Sessions!
  4. A New Photoshop Action EVERY Month!
  5. All for less than $10 a month!

It’s not an expense, its an investment in your photography!

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