HDR and Halos Episode 3: Nik HDR Efex Pro II

HDR and Halos Episode 3: Nik HDR Efex Pro II

A while back I started a series of HDR tutorial Episodes related to avoiding Halos.  In Episode 1 I covered how to avoid them altogether using Photomatix Pro and Camera Raw.  In Episode 2 I showed how to fix them using Photoshop.  Today in Episode 3, I am showing you how to avoid them using HDR Efex Pro II.

HDR Efex Pro has a ton of features that work very well together to minimize haloing during the tone mapping phase.  The Control Point system in HDR Efex Pro II will prove to be a valuable asset!  The Before and After, below, depicts what could happen if you don’t watch yourself in Efex Pro and the product you could receive if you avoid the halos altogether.


Blake Rudis
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  1. That was awesome Blake! Beautiful colors in the sky and incredible vantage point! Where was this shot if you don’t mind me asking? Pretty involved with control points but they do have their advantages I gather! Thank you for the tutorial and I hope all is well my friend!
    With Great Respect, Tal Pipkin

    • Thanks Tal! It is a tree right near my house. I pass it everyday on the way in and out of the highway. All is definitely well! Thank you, Tal.


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