ON1 Live Event

ON1 Live Event

The ON1 Photo Raw Live Event


I had a blast on Monday Afternoon in Portland, Oregon.  I participated in the Live Event for the ON1 Photo Raw launch.  It was a blast!  I was surrounded by some fun individuals who made me feel at home and filled the day with laughter and care free enthusiasm.

Just in case you were not aware, ON1 launched their brand new Raw processing software this week.  I have been quite impressed with it and see a great spot for it in my workflow.  From a strict Photoshop user’s perspective, it fills a huge gap I have had in my workflow for a long time, cataloging.  However, it also has some powerful tools for processing your photos like a local adjustment tool that allows for masking and blending options, wow!

While  I could go on and on about it’s power, I will leave you with the three Live Sessions that we recorded.  They outline a lot of great new features and spell out what is next for ON1 and the future of photo editing.  Exciting times we live in, for sure!

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3

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