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Most Recent Blog Posts on f64 Academy

Actions in Photoshop

Flashback Friday!  Actions in Photoshop https://youtu.be/bIvL8hB8ibY Sometimes you just have to go back to the first tutorial you ever created and laugh.  The audio was horrible, the content was sparse, and the personality was completely missing.  It is amazing how...

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How to Use Color Range in Photoshop

Custom Luminosity Masks with Color Range in Photoshop Luminosity Masks are all the rage these days it seems and rightfully so, they are extremely powerful.  A Luminosity Mask is nothing more than a selection of  the luminance range in your image.  Think of it like...

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ON1 Live Event

The ON1 Photo Raw Live Event   I had a blast on Monday Afternoon in Portland, Oregon.  I participated in the Live Event for the ON1 Photo Raw launch.  It was a blast!  I was surrounded by some fun individuals who made me feel at home and filled the day with...

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What is f64 Academy

f64 Academy’s Mission

It is our goal to bring you the finest Photoshop and Photography education.  As the aperture (f.64) implies, we deliver tack sharp, clear and concise education with a transparent mindset free of agendas and secrets.  As an Academy we distinguish ourselves as scholars called to a higher standard to continually innovate on the art of Photography.  We pledge to leave no photographer of any skill level behind in the process!

f64 Academy Goals

We know it takes more than just a great knowledge of Photoshop to build your skills as a photographer.  That is why f.64 Academy was created, to help teach you all the skills you need to grow your business, learn the finer points of photography and have fun doing it.

f64 Academy is for Everyone!

No matter where you are in your photography journey there is something for you here at f.64 Academy.  From Photoshop and Photography tips and tricks to gear reviews and Photography Business education it is our goal to make you one very well rounded Photographer.

What f64 Academy Offers

Each week you will get a fresh new tutorial, access to 200+ archived tutorials, dozens of Photoshop Actions and other tips and tricks to grow and succeed as a photographer.

Stick around and for a bit, we are sure you will love what you see!

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What Others Are Saying About Blake’s Teaching Methods

This is the best site I have come across. The majority of other sites offer skill training and leave you feeling short changed when the total learning experience is very limited. Your site offers innovation on every occasion.


Your tutorials are not only well written, but do not work on the premise that your audience are not ‘experts’, in other words, you tend to be quite specific about who you target.


I appreciate the tutorials and the revelations you are sharing with everyone. A number of photographers won’t even tell you their camera settings let alone how they post processed. You have provided a number of people with new tools to add to their workflows.

S. Karski

I have learned more about photography and photoshop in the last year from Blake, than I have from all other sources in the past decade.

Jake McCluskey

Owner, Shutter Click Adventures

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