Photoshop Tutorial: Advanced Video Techniques

Last week I posted a video about how astounded I was about Photoshop’s ability to handle video…  This week I have been crushing out some video in the major leagues!  Check out Zone-Edits new video intro.

I have learned a ton in the few videos I have made in Photoshop and wanted to continue to share them with you.  I used the same template from last week, because I really like the possibilities with the orbs in the top portion of the layout.  They made for an interesting element to the 2nd Experiment in Photoshop for video!  In this tutorial I elaborate a bit more on what you can do with the video itself rather than the layout of the timeline.  You will learn:

  1. How to ReSize a video in Photoshop
  2. How to incorporate more than one video in one video (4 to be exact!)
  3. How to ensure all videos end at the same time
  4. More on the Transitions
  5. How to Transform a video, yep using Free Transform (Warp)  Very Cool Stuff!


This is the product of the Tutorial:

This is the Advanced Video Tutorial:

Did you like this tutorial?  Checkout HDR Insider for Full Workflow Tutorials & tons more!

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  1. Blake,
    Absolutely fantastic! Who knew? I am so glad I switched to Photoshop CC as you suggested. It opens up a whole new world

    PS: Your Zone System video looks great, too.

    Many thanks for all you do,

    • Thanks Vinny! Killer Testimonial too! Photoshop CC opens up a whole new world, huh? There is much more in store with Photoshop for Video. I could do a hundred tutorials with it. I never thought I would be video editing, but I have had clients show interest, so I gotta learn! Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. I’ve really enjoyed seeing the video tutorials…I joined after the first one because I’ve never seen any one show how to use this stuff. I’ve used PS for years but now want to delve into it a bit more. Most of my work is with Astrophotography with some terrestrial stuff thrown in.
    Thanks for the really easy to follow tutorials.


  3. Great tutorial.Really can’t wait to try some of these, since I’m still new to Photoshop. I’m taking help from This is also a good website to learn digital art tutorials and to get photoshop training to develop skills in this niche.

    • Pretty cool stuff on that site. I like it.


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