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Free Photoshop Tutorials!

Scroll through the list of free Photoshop tutorials at your leisure.  Here on Everyday HDR I create helpful tutorials for all of your photography needs from beginner tips to HDR post processing techniques.  

Visit frequently as this list is ever changing, constantly evolving to fulfill the needs of the Everyday HDR photographer.  My tutorials are extremely important to me, if you have any constructive criticism, please leave me a comment and I will do everything in my power to ensure you get the essential training you need.

HDR 101! The Basics

If you are fresh and new to this whole world of HDR and photo Post Processing, start here.

The Importance of Raw

RAW vs JPEG JPEG If you are not shooting in RAW you should really consider it for several reasons.  Let me first walk you through the adventurous life that a photograph travels when you shoot in JPEG.  Every camera runs an image through several filters prior to...

Beginner Post Processing Tutorials

Designed for those who are just starting out with photo post processing.  However, even the seasoned pro can learn something new here.

Dehaze in Photoshop CC 2015

Let's look at what this Dehaze in Photoshop is all about! When Photoshop CC updated last month they added a new feature, Dehaze in Photoshop.  However, you won't find it in Photoshop it is nestled deeply inside Adobe Camera Raw in the Effects panel.  I guess that is a...

Presets in Adobe Camera Raw

Creating, Applying, Saving and Loading Presets in Adobe Camera Raw! Adobe Camera Raw, while not known for its creative capabilities, holds a treasure trove of awesome preset possibilities.  (Say that 10 times fast!)  I was editing some pictures of my boys the other...

Photoshop CC 2014 Hot Key Hacks!

Photoshop Hot Key Hacks! Have you ever made a funny shape with your fingers, like an elephant or a dog, and plopped them on the key board while in Photoshop to see what kind of effect it has.  Some Hot Keys make you feel like your hand is turning into a claw-like...

Intermediate Post Processing Tutorials

For those who already know a trick or two in Photoshop and want to learn a bit more.

Blend Modes in Photoshop CC

Unleash Incredible Power with Blend Modes in Photoshop While that may sound like an epic headline for a less than interesting topic, Blend Modes in Photoshop will do many things for your images.  Blend Modes increase workflow efficiency by making difficult tasks...

Color Matching in Photoshop

Color Matching - Color Grading I recently received an email from Wayne, an EverydayHDR subscriber, asking me about Color Matching the palette of one photo and applying it to another.  Here is his inquiry: It has me wondering if there is some way to take a colour...

Advanced Post Processing Tutorials

While the title says “Advanced”, this category is for anyone who wants advance themselves further in photo post processing.  While these tutorials are not for the Faint of Heart, they are taught to a level anyone who is willing can understand.

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Webinars and Podcasts

From time to time Blake makes guest appearances all over the web.  Here you can find all of his appearances on Webinars and Podcasts.

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Topaz Labs Tutorials

Blake loves the Topaz line of plugins.  He has done several tutorials using their software, here you can keep up with the latest and greatest.

Topaz ReStyle Tutorial

Topaz ReStyle is the newest program in the Topaz Labs plugin lineup!  It is one awesome piece of color manipulating software.  I have used many techniques to get the perfect effect, but they are all very time consuming and not always right for every photo.  Topaz...

Topaz Lens Effects

Have you been formally introduced to Topaz Lens Effects yet?  I recently had my introduction and I am more than pleased with the results I am receiving.  I formerly thought Lens Effects was for selective blurring and fixing common lens problems like vignetting and...

Topaz Clarity Tutorial: Everyday HDR Style!

Topaz labs recently released Topaz Clarity!  This is an awesome plug-in that gives you complete control of all of the aspects of contrast in your photos.  It is kind of like the Clarity Adjustment in LR and ACR, with one major exception!  It breaks down the single...

Topaz Detail 3 Tutorial

I recently downloaded Topaz Detail 3, a much welcomed upgrade to its predecessor!  Topaz Detail 2 was great for adding detail to any image, but I found it had its limitations to only add detail.  Topaz Detail 3 has gone above and beyond the scope of Detail 2 by adding...

photoFXlab Tutorial

photoFXlab.... how I love thee, let me count the ways!  I do love this program I think it is an awesome alternative to Photoshop for those who may be intimidated by the plethora of sliders and conglomeration of tools contained within it.  In this 13 minute tutorial I...

Topaz DeNoise For HDR

Have you ever noticed that there is a blaring difference between a regular photos noise and an HDR photos noise?  The tone mapping process compounds the noise in all of the original exposures in such a way that the noise starts to become a part of the detail in the...

Topaz Adjust 5 Tutorial

Here is the Topaz Adjust 5 tutorial, a follow up to the recent review.  The more I play with Topaz Adjust 5 the more I love it.  These guys really knew what they were doing with this plug-in, they have made some epic adjustments to an already incredible program....

Quick Tips & Flash Tutorials

It’s not always about the long winded tutorials.  Sometimes Blake can make them quick!  here you will find all of Blake’s Quick Tips and 3 Minute Flash Tutorials.

Beginner’s Guide: Composition!

When I first started shooting HDR images I was astounded by how awesome the details looked.  I recall telling my wife that the HDR process made everything look good, even horribly compose pictures.  I took a whole series of horrible HDR images with no concept of...

D.I.Y Macro Extension Tube

On May 24th 2009 all of my camera equipment was stolen from my car.  Thank God for Renter's Insurance... It covers all assets in your vehicle too!  It was a blessing in disguise as I upgraded my camera body and all lenses to the higher grade glass.  I had to make some...

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