Upcoming Webinar and a HUGE Giveaway!

Webinar Annoucne

Next week I will be teaming up once again with Topaz Labs to bring you an awesome Webinar!  This one is focused on the Workflow Equation.  It can be so hard sometimes to create a workflow when every image is different.  However, there are many things that remain the same from one image to the next and luckily Topaz Labs has your back with some incredible user friendly software!  I will be outlining some of my favorite Topaz Products and how they find their way into my Workflow Equation.

Did you miss last month’s Webinar with Topaz Labs?


  1. My question is about files. Do you have a tutorial on files. I use DxO Optics so the pics are edited. Do you have the same edit software as DxO? If I edit the DxO files into topaz software will I lose that copy of the pic I edited in DxO? I have to choose between you and them!

    • I am not sure about that. I have never used DxO Optics, I do apologize.


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