Thank you so much for sponsoring a product for the Giveaway, you rock!

I just need a couple details from you so I can get the ball rolling and have this out by the 15th of February.  Prior to the 15th I will have all available images and links for the giveaway for you.  It will run from the 15th through the 29th of February.

If you could have all of the requested information in by February 11th that would be GREATLY appreciated!

After the Giveaway, the entrants will be emailed with an announcement that the winner has been selected.  At this time I would like to have a discount for all of the products listed in the Giveaway.  I do this at the end of my giveaways and have found it to be a wildly successful strategy!  The discount will be limited to the 1st – the 4th @ Midnight.

Thanks again for supporting the Giveaway with your time and products.  This really helps the re-brand of EverydayHDR to F.64 Academy!

  • i.e Lead Generation page or sales funnel
  • What do you call your product
  • png file with transparent background
    Accepted file types: png.
  • Your photo used across Marketing/Social Platforms.
    Accepted file types: png, jpg, gif.