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I certainly hope you enjoy these gradients and new found knowledge of color grading! 

For a refresher, refer to this page often or search for “Advanced Color Toning” on YouTube!

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I am finding the value of the education I’m receiving from your instruction to be among the best I’ve encountered. Your preferred method for converting a color image to black and white was the initial factor in gaining my undivided attention. Your basis was so obvious, yet completely missing from every other ex-spurt’s method I’ve seen (and used!). 

I’m glad to have stumbled upon your work. I’m trashing so many miss-guided approaches to my workflow based on your simple and straight-forward perspectives (and tools).


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An Example Critique Session on f.64 Elite

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Gradients!  The most powerful color grading tool in Photoshop.  In this course, you will learn more than you want to about this incredible tool!

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Usually f.64 Elite is 19.99 per month, but if you join today you can receive 25% off for the life of your membership!

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