Why do my photos suck?

Blake Rudis and Jim Welninski have both been asked various forms of this question over their years of teaching and coaching photographers.  In these two videos, they will give you their perspective and the result might shock you as it has nothing to do with your technical skills!

The answer is already inside you.

Blake’s Response

Jim’s Response

Join Jim and Blake Live!

Nine times out of ten, when Jim and I ask “How many of you are Artists” at a workshop, we get a minimal show of hands.  It’s frustrating for us.  You may think it’s a simple question that is used to start a  presentation, but for us being an artist is a way of life.  We want this for other people because we know how rewarding it is to know you are an artist, not “just a photographer.”

In this Live Event, Jim and I will be talking about our passion for the art of photography.

An Exclusive Experience


Date:  Tuesday, November 20th

Time:   2 PM

Topic:  The Artist-Photographer!