The goal of f64 Academy:

It is our goal to bring you the finest Photoshop and Photography education.  As the aperture (f.64) implies, we deliver tack sharp, clear and concise training with a transparent mindset free of agendas and secrets.  As an Academy, we distinguish ourselves as scholars called to a higher standard to continually innovate on the art of Photography.  We pledge to leave no photographer of any skill level behind in the process!

About Blake Rudis… who is this guy anyway?

Blake Rudis is USAF Combat Veteran and a classically trained artist who started as a painter.  Blake transitioned into printmaking and sculpture where he received his BFA in Fine art from the University of Delaware.  His passion for art shifted when he finally decided to double down on his love for the American landscape.  In 2006 Blake took up photography, but he incorporates his knowledge of aesthetics and color theory in his courses and is known for his acclaimed Photoshop® workflow.

Blake is a self-published author and has worked as an independent photo educator for many software companies.   Some of his partnerships include Topaz Labs, Plotagraph Pro, and ON1. Throughout his teaching efforts on his site, f.64 Academy, Blake has helped thousands of photographers excel in their post-processing endeavors. 

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