I started EverydayHDR in September of 2010 after discussing HDR blog possibilities with Matt Kloskowski, Lightroom Guru and VP of Photography at ON1, at Photoshop World in Las Vegas.  I knew I wanted to start an HDR blog, but I did not want the traditional blog format, you know the, “Hey this is my picture today, do you like it, leave comments.”

How does this relate to f64 Academy?  Keep reading 🙂

I wanted a blog that showed the everyday average Joe/Jane, not only my HDR images but how he/she could make similar ones.  I wanted to showcase HDR beneficial products, interview other HDR artists, and make bang up photography tutorials that anyone could follow.  From there spawned the name, EverydayHDR, not an HDR image every day, but a way to show the average everyday photographer how to develop and hone their skills professionally with an emphasis on HDR imaging and post processing.

In early 2016, EverydayHDR changed to f64 Academy.  There are many reasons for this change, but the primary reason is the direction that my tutorials and writings were going.  They were slowly drifting away from just HDR Photography content and more in the realm of photography in general with an emphasis on the art of photography rather than the act of photography.  This change of direction required a change in branding.

This is the f64 Academy Mission Statement:

It is our goal to bring you the finest Photoshop and Photography education.  As the aperture (f.64) implies, we deliver tack sharp, clear and concise training with a transparent mindset free of agendas and secrets.  As an Academy, we distinguish ourselves as scholars called to a higher standard to continually innovate on the art of Photography.  We pledge to leave no photographer of any skill level behind in the process!

About Blake Rudis… Who is this guy anyway?Blake Rudis About f64

Blake Rudis is a self-published author and the host of f64 Academy. While his focus has been strong in HDR photography for the past five years or so, he is most passionate about post-processing images in Photoshop and mentoring others.

Blake takes great pride in his Fine Art background. From Acrylic and Oil Painting to Printmaking and Sculpture he has had his hands in just about every art form. This has been paramount in shaping his ideologies on Photography and Post Processing. For Blake, it is not about the act of photography, but the artistic process as a whole.

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