Digital Zone System Editing

Black, White & Beyond: The Digital Zone System is a 3 hour and 40 minute training package that teaches you how to get the most out of your images with extreme control over contrast utilizing the power of the Zone System.

The zone system is comprised of 11 zones from 0-10 characterized.  Zone 5 is equal to the camera’s initial meter reading, every other tonal range falls either above or below Zone 5, Zone 0 being Black and Zone X being White.  An increase of 1 Stop or 1 Exposure Value effectively changes the exposure of Zone 5 to Zone 6.  Every other Zone would move one exposure up respectively.  This system allows the photographer to visualize what is happening to all of the tonal value in their photo before they even printed the picture!

With the Digital Zone System, we are able to make extremely accurate selections of our tones based on the 11 point Zone System to hone in and target specific areas.  In doing this we become much more efficient, I have cut my post processing time down by 90%, yes 90%.  What used to take me 45 minutes now takes 4-5.  This is because I am making more deliberate adjustments and cutting out the guesswork in my photos.