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HDR photography can be pretty complicated and if you go into it without knowing what you are doing, you are in for some trouble!  “11 Things Every Photographer Should Know About HDR Photography” is something every photographer should read prior to jumping into the world of HDR photography.  Blake Rudis has been teaching HDR photography techniques for over 3 years and knows how to make HDR images that pop off the page! What you will receive from reading “11 Things…” and the :

  • A better understanding of the HDR process and how to create an HDR image using several different techniques.
  • A considerable amount of knowledge about file formats used during the HDR process.
  • A plethora of examples as to what you should and should not be HDR’ing!
  • A worthy understanding of HDR tone mapping software and how to use it to make better HDR images through the bonus content provided.
  • A guide to post processing HDR images that outlines what to look out for after the image has been tone mapped to make it look its absolute best!

Did I mention Bonus Content?  Blake Rudis provides links to many video tutorials specific to the topic being covered.

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  1. Oh no … 11 Things Every Photographer Should Know About HDR Photography is only available in kindle!
    Don’t have a kindle & don’t want one.
    Please tell me I can get this e-book i another format.

    • You can actually! You can download the Kindle App for you computer via Amazon.com. I myself do not have a Kindle, I am with you I don’t want one. However, I own a tablet and laptop that both have a Kindle App that I downloaded from Amazon.com.

  2. Thanks Blake have downloaded to my tablet, will read on holiday to the Scottish west coast. Holiday cottage overlooking white sandy beaches @ Portnaluchaig, with spectacular sunsets (hopefully) over the inner hebridean islands of Eigg & Rum.

    • Okay, I am officially jealous! Good on you! Have fun!

  3. Hi Blake,
    Thanks for the book! After fumbling through the Amazon maze, I finally have a download of your book on my android tablet (in kindle app). Hoorah! I was very close to giving up. Much easier getting the textures off your website. Blake, are all your books only available as kindle or can we we get them in another format, say PDF for example, for transportability and cataloging, or can we extract them from kindle at all.
    Just wondering…love your work.

    • Thanks John! I am working on the PDF thing, very soon they will be available on PDF here on EverydayHDR. I got roped into the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for quite some time, which strapped me down to only selling it on their site. I will put together a PDF download option soon!


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