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The Oregon Workshop Experience!

September 15-20, 2016

For more information Shutter Click Adventures.

4 Seats Open

Acadia Maine

June 20-25, 2016

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3 Seats Open

Shutter Click Oregon Workshop HEader

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The 5DayDeal 2018

The biggest deal in Photo Education in 2018 - 5 Day Deal I have been supporting the 5 Day Deal as an affiliate and contributor for nearly 5 years.  As you may have read yesterday, our moral compasses point in the same direction and I am a huge fan of their mission and...

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The 5DayDeal Team

The Leader in the Bundle World for a Reason - 5DayDeal Team   Many people are talking about the 'buzz' surrounding the 5DayDeal right now.  I will spare you my thoughts on the bundle (I have nothing but great things to say) and instead give you my perspective on why I...

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How to Make your Fall Colors Pop! [Video]

Using Palette Effects 2 to Make Autumn Images Glow! I am a big fan of this time of year.  The pumpkins, the weather, the hoodies, and the snuggles under blankets... yes you read that correctly, I am a snuggler, it is one of my love languages,  so what? It...

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