Actions In Photoshop CS 5

Actions In Photoshop CS 5

I am doing something new on EverydayHDR for my tutorials…  Video tutorials! That’s right, click on the little link below for your very own video tutorial with yours truly talking you through making an Action in Adobe Photoshop CS 5.  The videos are up on Youtube, so be sure to subscribe to the EverydayHDR channel for the most up to date videos!

The image that got all the action!

Blake Rudis
Creator of f.64 Academy
Blake is a husband, father, and avid photographer whose passion for Photography led him to create f.64 Academy and f.6 Elite. He is dedicated to bringing the finest Photoshop and Photography education on the web!
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  1. Blake,

    That is a cool trick. Thanks for sharing.
    I agree with you video tutorials are lot easier and faster to follow.

    • Thanks Bibek, I am glad the tutorial change is helpful. It made it a whole lot easier on my part!

  2. Thank you Blake for the video, awesome stuff. Thank you for posting on Topaz, I enjoyed your article as it reminded me of how I started and have dreams of bracketed images, tonemapping and slider values. I look forward to following your work. Take Care.

    • Thanks Steve, I am ecstatic to here you plan on following EverydayHDR. It is compliments like that, that keep the fire burning! I try to do a tutorial every Friday so be sure to stay tuned. Monday is usually my day to post what I shot recently. Wednesday is reserved for product reviews and at the end of every month, an HDR Concert. Be sure to join in on one. Take care my friend!


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