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Actions are an amazing way to cut down your post processing time and in this industry we all know time is money!  HDR photography is labor and time intensive, I use Actions religiously to cut my post processing time in half or more.  I have put together this Action package filled to the brim with 26 tidbits of post processing awesomeness.  They are so bad ass they warranted the name Tidbits of Awesomeness!  So what do you get in this package?

  • A detailed .pdf file outlining the Actions contained in this package as well as the installation and use instructions.
  • 26 Post Processing Actions that are sure to cut your HDR processing time in half.
  • Access to the Advanced Actions Tutorial so you can modify these Actions and create your very own.
  • Better HDR images, hands down, you will have more time to and knowledge to hone your skills.

This package has been extensively tested with Photoshop CS 5, while many of the Photoshop programs before it contain the ability to run Actions, it is advised to run them with CS4 and above.  The images below are examples of some of the Actions contained in the package.  See the full list of Actions at the bottom of the page.



The package is being sold for $20.00, that is only $.76 per Action!

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Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final.

Reproduction, distribution or sales of this product in whole or in part is strictly prohibited!

Prices and promotions are subject to change at any time.  Refunds will be not offered in the event of a promotion or price change.

Currently, the Actions only work if your Photoshop is configured for the English language.  

The list below is a detailed outline of all the Actions contained in the set:

  1. Start Post Process: applies several adjustable adjustment layers to ensure you dont forget anything when you start post processing.
  2. Post Process w/Noise Reduction and High Pass Sharpening: applies the above adjustment layers in addition to noise reduction and high pass sharpening.
  3. Reduce Noise: uses Photoshop CS 5’s Noise Reduction filter to kill the pesky tone mapping noise.
  4. High Pass Sharpen 6.0 Soft:  applies a high pass sharpen to the selected image layer.
  5. Dodge and Burn Layer: Sets you up for immediate non-destructive dodging and burning at the push of a button.
  6. Graphic Novel: applies a Graphic Novel look to your HDR images.
  7. Dreamscape: applies a whimsical effect to your HDR images.
  8. Extreme Soft Light: really pushes the potential of the soft light blend mode!
  9. Stieglitz (Old Photo): gives your images an old photo appearance.
  10. Blue Jean Faded: casts an ominous blue hue over your HDR images.
  11. Spilled the Coffee, Tried To Wipe It Off!: Applies a sepia wash with streaks giving your image the look and feel of a print that got saturated on coffee.
  12. Blown Out Streaks: similar to the Action listed above, however, there is no sepia tone.
  13. Light Harvest:  a global adjustment designed to make sunset/sunrise areas more punchy.
  14. Sepia Cross Process: as the name implies, it adds a sepia tone combined with a cross process effect to your photos.
  15. Gradient Wash: applies a duo tone gradient wash to your photo.
  16. High Key Wash: applies a High Key effect to your HDR images.
  17. HDR Contrast Enhancement: boosts the contrast in your tone mapped files.
  18.  1 Click Black and White: applies a nice black and white effect to your images with a single click.
  19. Dodged Soft Focus: applies an adjustable soft focus to your image allowing one to control the focal point .
  20. Color Reduction Vignette:  applies a faded color vignette around your image.
  21. Vignette: applies the standard vignette.
  22. Box Vignette:  applies a box vignette to you images, a very sweet alternative to the typical radial vignette.
  23. Dirty Vignette: applies a dingy box vignette.
  24. Plain White Border 1/2″: applies a white border around your image using canvas size.
  25. Re-size For Web *Vertical*: applies a quick re-size to your image making it ready for web publishing
  26. Re-size For Web *Horizontal*: applies a quick re-size to your image making it ready for web publishing

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  1. Hi there
    Will your actions work on a Mac?
    Love ur tutorials

    • Hello Eli, thanks for the comment. As long as it is Photoshop, CS 3 or higher, they will work. They are a .atn file so they are Photoshop specific not necessarily Mac or windows specific. Take care!


  2. I think that Awesome Collection of Photoshop Actions from David Nanchin … may be overlooked more often than it should. I was looking for a good resource and found your site while looking for web design photoshop actions in google. I just thought you might like to know that. Thanks!

    • Awesome, sounds good. I tried to search those Actions but couldn’t really find anything solid. A link to Deviant Art I think and a web review. I want to check them out. Thanks for letting me know. Take care and stop by often!

  3. Blake, some time back I purchased the Tidbits Actions and today I was watching a video in which you mentioned Advanced action and login to either get them or purchase them. I played the tutorial several times but that’s the best I hear….Well, I tried to find the Advanced Actions to no avail…Hoped you would help me with this.

    Use the Tidbits everyday…..thanks. William

    • I appreciate your purchase and am glad to hear you use them often!

      The Advanced Actions is a tutorial on how you can make your own Actions. It is not an Actions Package. The first tutorial I did on EverydayHDR was an Actions tutorial, but it was very basic. The Advacned Actions tutorial goes into more depth with making Advanced Actions.

      Thanks again, William. Take care!

  4. Will “Actions” work with Elements 7 or 9 ?

    • They only work in Photoshop as they create some complex layers and adjustments only found in Photoshop.

  5. Have no idea, what actions are, let alone create or modify them.
    Is that likened to presets?

    • Kind of. They are pre-recorded effects in Photoshop. When you press play it does what the action is supposed to do. I do discuss them in great length in an attached PDF and a video tutorial.

  6. Do they work with photoshop CC?

    Thanks Mike

    • They sure do!

  7. Hi Blake! I would like to register for your monthly plan, but I only see the Login for existing members. How do I join? Really looking forward to all the goodies! 🙂

    Pam Schafer

  8. Hi Blake! I’m new to HDR, and I am learning so much on your site. Thank you! I currently use PS Elements 12. I saw your response to the person who asked about Elements 7 and 9, but I was wondering whether version 12 can now handle the actions you’ve put together. Obviously hoping that version 12, being the latest and greatest, will be compatible with your actions!!! Thanks! John

    • Unfortunately these Actions will not work with Elements. There are several layer creation steps happening that really only Photoshop can handle.

  9. Hi Blake,
    How would your Actions work with a Topaz work flow? I’m using Lightroom, onOne and Topaz.

    • The actions work seamlessly with Topaz, however, they are only for Photoshop.

    • Thanks!

  10. Enjoyed your webinars with topaz labs. I was wondering what other actions webs would you recommend that are safe, besides your own ????

  11. Can’t find the 6 sharpening actions mentioned in your video on photoshop sharpening.


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