Adobe Camera Raw 7.0 Dust Removal (PS CS 6)

Adobe Camera Raw 7.0 Dust Removal (PS CS 6)

A few weeks ago I did a tutorial on finding and removing dust in Camera Raw 8.0.  I was not aware that the techniques I was showing were specifically for CC users.  I had a lot of inquiries about how to do the same in PS CS6 and ACR 7.0.

So after some toying around, I figured out a comparable way to not only remove the dust in your images, but find it as well. CC has an awesome tool to help you find them, while you need to do some “coaxing” in CS6.

What you want to do is:

  1. Drop the saturation

  2. Increase the Clarity

  3. Increase the Contrast

  4. Manipulate the highs and shadows accordingly

Your photo should look like this:

Camera Raw 7 Dust

And here is the video tutorial:

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  1. Thank you so much. I was close to this process but your process is much better for finding the dust spots to be removed.


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