This is a great topic to discuss as Curves and Levels essentially do the same thing just in different ways.  A reader of f.64 Academy and a photo buddy of mine (a very talented one at that) asked me what the difference was between them.  It is a very valid question, even an experienced Photoshopper will ask this question from time to time.  In summary, I told him that they were essentially the same thing but on different frequencies.

For instance:

  1. Curves contain levels
  2. Levels do not contain Curves
  3. Both control tone and color
  4. Levels are 2 dimensional in nature
  5. Curves have 3 dimen3-dimensionalteristics.
  6. Remember,  square can be a rectangle, but a rectangle cannot be a square.  Curves can be levels, but levels cannot be curves.

Let’s take a deeper look at this one!

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