If you are a long time EverydayHDR follower, you know that I did a dodging and burning tutorial in the past.  However, I did not have a sweet microphone at the time.  As a matter of fact, it sounded like I was talking into a tin can!  I really felt the need to redo that old tutorial to bring you a better look at Dodging and Burning and just how important it is to your workflow.

I typically save Dodging and Burning for last.  I try to pull out as much as I can with curves and levels adjustments before I dig into the dodging and burning.  Go ahead, follow along and this tutorial will have you dodging and burning in no time Maverick!  Okay okay, I know that wasn’t very punny…



Blake Rudis
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Most people think I am passionate about Photography, but in reality I am not.


Wait, before you freak out, you are on a photo site, I am addicted to post processing. To be more specific, I am addicted to workflow efficiency and cracking the codes to complex systems. That's what I do here, crack the code to photo post processing and present it in a concise way, for you :)
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