Halos and HDR, Episode 2: The Photoshop Fix

Halos and HDR, Episode 2: The Photoshop Fix

Last weeks tutorial focused on avoiding the nasty halo byproduct of HDR tone mapping.  This week I am tackling how to combat them in post processing.  I use 2 methods to show you how to defeat them.

The first method will use a Curves Adjustment Layer to actually invite the halo in a bit more.  This is not the best way to defeat them as it is more of a, “If You Can’t Beat Em’ Join Em” mentality, but it works.

The second method will cover how you can do a faux HDR with the a single source image to blend them together.



  1. Blake excellent tutorial halos are always a problem. Very good tip. Your friend José.

  2. Great tip Blake! This has limited my use of HDR, as I hate halos. Now I know how to fix this issue.

    • Awesome! So glad I could help. Halos can be a pain, but they are easily resolved with the right know how.


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