How to Make Your Own Brushes In Photoshop

The image I used to make a grungy brush, an awesome addition to my HDR tool box.

Today’s tutorial is all about how to make your own custom brushes.  Custom brushes can be made from all kinds of pictures, pictures that you wouldn’t consider worthy of a brush, like rust spots on the side of a dumpster!  You can use these brushes that you create for all kinds of creative post processing.  In my example I use my new custom brush to make a grungy border and some creative chemical texturing.  I challenge you to think outside the HDR tool box that you currently own.  Find yourself an interesting design next time you are out, a design in an odd place.  It could really be anything, clouds, cracks in concrete, bark on a tree, or spit on the sidewalk!  Find something cool, shoot it and turn it into a brush!  You will be expanding your current HDR tool box in no time.


Here is the before and after.  Check the tutorial out if you are interested, I don’t think you will be let down!



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