jpeg2RAW’s Zone System Podcast 

On September 8th 2015 I sat down with the hosts of jpeg2RAW to discuss many things!  It was such a great podcast and these guys really know how to host a show.   It was a pleasure to discuss a topic that I am passionate about with like minded photographers.

Here are just a few things we talked about in the Zone System Podcast:

  1. My Art Background
  2. How my Art background helps me in photography
  3. How I look at the HDR editing process
  4. How I got started doing Webinars with Topaz Labs
  5. Why the Zone Systems?
  6. A Zone System Demonstration

Head on over to jepg2RAW and check out their many other Podcasts.  They host some truly professional Podcasts.  I watched the Infrared Photography Podcast with Don Konarechka and ended up buying a new Sony a6000 to convert to IR.  These guys ask all the right questions and do it in such a comforting way.

I can easily say this was my favorite Podcast to be on to date!

Learn more about the Zone Systems


jpeg2raw Zone System Podcast

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