Topaz Detail 3 Tutorial

I recently downloaded Topaz Detail 3, a much welcomed upgrade to its predecessor!  Topaz Detail 2 was great for adding detail to any image, but I found it had its limitations to only add detail.  Topaz Detail 3 has gone above and beyond the scope of Detail 2 by adding some extremely powerful post processing options to the already incredible detail adjustments.

I find myself looking at Detail 3 more and more as a one stop post processing workshop.  It has some very exciting features that mimic the Camera Raw Basic interface.  The introduction of the ever powerful Highlight and Shadow adjustments has made Detail 3 flicker pretty hard on my post processing radar.  Whether you are editing a single RAW file (like the tree below) or a tone mapped HDR image (like the Barbers chair below) Topaz Detail 3 can make some striking post processing modifications.

Check out these before and after shots as well as the video tutorial to see if Topaz Detail 3 has a place in your photographic workflow!




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  1. I also just added Topaz Detail 3 and have found it is much improved over the previous version.

  2. So after this great review, I am curious… would you prefer using Topaz Detail 3 over detailing in photoshop using sharpening/ high pass? If so, are there cases that sharpening/ high pass with photoshop would work better than Topaz Detail 3?


    • I would prefer using Topaz Detail over A High Pass Sharpen. The High Pass still has its place in the workflow for very fast High Pass Sharpening, however, it is like a bowl of cereal compared to the overwhelming home cooked meal found in Topaz Detail 3. There is a lot you can do with Detail that you could never do with a High Pass. With that being said, there is always a time and a place for a bowl of cereal, though, High Pass on the Go, Detail if you have time to stay a while!

  3. Nice analogy, haha. Thanks, I think I’d better take advantage of that 40% deal now!

  4. I am very new to Detail 3, so I cannot compare it to any previous version/s. I have approximately 2000 old images from the film days as a freelancer and studio photographer which I am trying to bring back from the grave. I have found that; I use Detail 3 on virtually every image as I find them. Even with many of these having been shot from tripods even on bushwalk assignments, (the tripod is around 8kgs) these images have a completely new life, provided of course there was a wimper of life left in them. Looking forward to the upgrade.
    Good one, a yes from me.

    • Thank you for your insight Dusty! I appreciate your feedback. I do enjoy the entire line of Topaz products, but I have found Detail to be one of the exceptionally professional ones.


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