Fall Color Photography is fun, excellent, in fact! There is nothing better than getting out there with your camera and showcasing the glory of all that yellow, orange, and red goodness in the tapestry of trees. What could be better, right?

The problems with Fall photography don’t usually hit us until we get home to process our photos. I don’t know about you, but I find that the Raw Files don’t do the scene justice. They usually appear, drab, washed out, and not quite as life-giving as the photographed scene.

In today’s video, I will share three tips for making the colors in your Raw images pop off the screen.


Blake Rudis
f.64 Academy and f.64 Elite are the brainchildren of Blake Rudis. While he is a landscape photographer, he is most passionate about post-processing images in Photoshop and mentoring others.

For Blake, it's all about the art and process synergy. He dives deep into complex topics and makes them easy to understand through his outside-the-box thinking so that you can use these tricks in your workflow today!
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