New Adobe Camera Raw Feature Adds Huge Workflow Functionality

This feature, while small, might be one of the biggest things to happen to Adobe Camera Raw since Range Masking. Yep, I think it’s that big!  Why? Because it adds a workflow feature that I have been hoping they’d implement for years: automated preset application on a per camera basis!

At first glance, ACR seems just like the last version.   It isn’t until you dig into the preferences that you find the new Raw Defaults area.  You can get to you  ACR preferences through Photoshop or Adobe Camera Raw when you open a RAW file.  For this Camera Raw Update, your best bet is to edit these preferences in Adobe Camera Raw (not Photoshop) and ensure you have the RAW file(s) open that you want to apply these settings.

Camera Raw Update 12.2

With this new functionality, you can assign a preset to be the “Master Preset” that applies to all images that come into Photoshop.  Alternatively, you can set a different preset to load on a per camera basis.  This is pretty big for your workflow!

Before you say,  “wait, Blake, I don’t use presets”… I get it, some presets are just horrible and ruin my photos.   The types of presets I would recommend here are workflow-based presets.  These are presets that do the mundane things we do all the time like Auto Tone Adjustments, Noise Reduction, Sharpening, and Lens Corrections.  I would not recommend using creative presets that give you a “Cinematic Look”  or a “Soft Dreamy Look.”   Instead, consider using this feature to help you make your RAW processing workflow more efficient, that was the goal of my RAW GPS presets (use the coupon UPDATE to get $20 off at checkout).

In this video, I will share this new Camera Raw Update with you, some of my thoughts on the best practices, and how to set up a different preset on a per camera basis.


Blake Rudis
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