I recently went on a business trip to Sierra Vista, AZ, a small town about 20 minutes from the infamous Tombstone Arizona.  You might be asking, what kind of business are you in that you get sent to such a place, my response…  For your own safety, you would be better off not knowing!  There is not much to do in this town, you really have to go looking to find something to pass the time.  I took a stroll through the desert landscape to Tombstone, yeah the place where the movie was filmed.  It was alright, I guess I am jaded after seeing Ghost Towns like Bodie in California.  I had hoped they would have left everything the same as it were in the old days, however, tourism seems more important than history.  All of the buildings have been painted and filled with kitsch old west souvenirs.  Quite a shame, I was only able to find one very small area that looked like the run down old west I had imagined.


The one awesome thing Tombstone has going for it is the Boothill Graveyard.  This place is incredible!  It is on the National Registry of Historic Places and remains true to how it would appear in the late 1800’s.  Here you see grave stones piled high to identify grave plots.  The head stones are more like wooden boards with names and cause of death painted on them.  I thought this place was a little too hokey looking to be true.  However, I spoke with the benevolent woman who ran the place and she made sure I knew the whereabouts of this old graveyard.  She was a wealth of knowledge and knew much about Tombstone as well.

They had an awesome looking hearse outside the graveyard.  I love these old vehicles, I guess I have a place in my heart for them as my Grandfather owns his own funeral home.  If you are ever in the Scranton, PA area and need a funeral director, Frank M Regan Funeral Home is the place to go.  I promise they do not drive a hearse like the one shown in this post!

Blake Rudis
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