I know already, all you Mac users out there are going to flaunt your infallible system that never surges or gets a virus because some little gnome gets paid in crumbs to ensure your machine runs with no hiccups.  As you should, have an infallible system that is, I mean you paid for it with your left index finger right?  Does that make it difficult to type?

Well, my PC took a crap on me the other day as my wife and I were moving from the apartment to the new house.  I hadn’t turned my PC on in days only to find that it would not boot.  It powered my fans, it made my case light up, but I had no monitor signal or lights on my G15 keyboard.  I assumed it was the Mobo and CPU but could not be sure.  Such is the nature of the beast when one unplugs the surge protector from the wall while the machine is running.

After consulting with a less than favorable computer repair shop, Computer Pros in Kansas City *Not to mention any names*, the problem was discovered.  Turns out the Mobo was fried and they would require $125 to install a new one plus $86 for the parts, they told me $65 over the phone.  I could not justify dropping over $200 on a replacement Mobo, so I went to Best Buy.  For the first time in my life this PC was actually the Best Buy, no pun intended.  I saw the PC I wanted on display but could not find the matching box.  I assumed the Lenovo I picked up was the right one, but once I got to the counter the register read 529.99, I said woah that should be 399.99, it just went on sale.  Without question the clerk rung it up at 399.99 and let me walk through the door.

It wasn’t until I got home that I realized this was not the computer I was looking at!  Before turning on the new PC I gutted the 400w power supply, Radeon Graphics Card, and old Hard Drive from my crapped out PC and swapped the junk 280w power supply with the 400, installed the graphics card, and then put in the old hard drive.  Low and behold I was staring at 8 gigs of DDR 3 Ram, when the PC on display was supposed to be 6 gigs.  Then the processor was a i3, much better than the computer I was looking at.  What started out as a major crisis ended up running very well in my favor!

Michael did a great job, I see my radio dismantled in the near future!

This is a pretty big week as Topaz is releasing Topaz Adjust 5 on Tuesday!  I can’t wait to get my hands on it, review it, and show you a tutorial or 2.  They were kind enough to release the entire Bundle to EverydayHDR for review and tutorial purposes.  I will be sure to keep you in touch with all things Topaz.  They have an awesome bundle, hop on over and check it out!


Blake Rudis
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