I snuck into my grandfather’s garage while on my trip to Scranton a couple weeks ago.  I used to do this as a kid to look at my grandfather’s awesome Ford cars.  This time was a bit different, I just needed a screwdriver to tighten all the loose door knobs in the basement.  To my surprise I found one of his Model T’s hanging out, bathing in the perfect sunlight.


I know nothing about cars, quite honestly I only know that the key goes in the ignition and when turned the car starts.  My grandfather on the other hand rebuilt one of these 1929 Ford Model A’s from the ground up, seriously, from the frame to the finished product.  The man has a serious knack for hand tools and impeccable craftsmanship with anything he does.  I must have gotten that gene from him, I only wish the car knowledge went along with it!

Tip For The Week:  Try getting down at a lower vantage point more often!

I didn’t bring my tripod along with me on this venture, and was quite perturbed by the mistake when I saw the Model T in such great light.  Instead of letting it bring me down I rested my camera on a nearby box that had a much lower vantage point than my tripod.  After processing this shot I am glad I forgot it.  I never would have gotten down to that vantage point had I used my tripod. 

Blake Rudis
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