The winner of this month’s HDR Insider project and a $50 Amazon Gift Card is Johnny!

I am a huge fan of adding things in Photoshop, especially when they are done well.  The clouds in this image make it feel as if it is in motion and gives it a whole new element that many of us overlooked.  That sky was like a blank canvas that Johnny Santiago turned into a work of art.  The moon addition is great as well, often times when people add a moon to the image it looks like a floating cookie in the sky.  Not this one!  Great job with the processing Johnny!

I tried this one with Photomatix and HDR PRO in CS6. Ultimately I stayed with the Photomatix.
*From Photomatix back to lightroom for black and white clipping, sharpening and slight noise reduction.
*Then into photoshop and did a high pass sharpening filter with a linear light blend mode. Inverted the mask and masked in sharpening only on the shed.
*Then added a sky and moon that I shot a few months ago. I used a gradient filter to blend in the horizon line for the sky.
*Applied a Topaz denoise filter and back to lightroon. Slight color enhancements.

01 Johnny Winner

There were two other individuals who made some incredible renditions of the image as well and I would like to mention them also.

Jumpy made a very nice crop and added the birds to the scene.  I really enjoy the warmth of this image as well.

02 Jumpy 2nd

First timer, Sprickett, made a completely different style of image for the scene.  While the scene was soft and warm, the artful twist in this image is both mysterious and intriguing.

03 Sprickett 3rd

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