My buddy Matt Kloskowski hosts The Grid on Kelby TV.  On Episode 71 Matt and Brian Mattiash of OnOne talked all about HDR.  It was a very insightful episode and is definitely one to be watched by any HDR enthusiast.

Check out the episode of The Grid and see what you think.

I feel very strongly in line with Brian.  I have long believed that HDR and Tone Mapping are two different things.  HDR is the process of heightening the Dynamic Range in an image.  That can be done through one of many ways to include Curves adjustments, Levels adjustments, hell even moving the contrast slider to the right increases the dynamic range.  Tone mapping is a bit more on the algorithm side, effecting the overall dynamic range from pixel to pixel.

Both can yield great results but there is definitely a huge difference between the two.  Some people refuse to believe that they made any HDR adjustments to their photo.  While it may not appear to be the typical tone mapped image, if they increased the saturation, adjusted the curves or levels they made some kind of dynamic range adjustment.

I am covering a lot of this right now as we speak in my upcoming e-book.  In the end does it matter?  Does it matter if you used either HDR process to make your image better?  No, as long as you like the picture who cares?

As photographers we tend to photograph for other photographers.  Hell, look at places like 500 px, that is not designed for the leisurely to be passing by.  It is a bunch of college girls dressing for one another at a party.  What, you actually thought your girlfriend was dressing up for you in college?  Ha!  The same goes for photographers on 500 px.  We put that stuff there to try and get +1’s and likes from other photogs.  And heaven forbid we show up wearing the same thing!

It is a sick game that has really got me down.  I haven’t shared any of my photos on Redbubble or 500px for a very long time, why should I?  It is just for other photogs that are more than likely going to draw an ignorant blind eye to HDR images.

Do you really want to know why I am obsessed with HDR…. Because it is damn cool that is why!



Blake Rudis
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