A VERY Timely Update to ACR with the 13.2 Update

Have you ever heard that your Raw Workflow should follow a Top to Bottom and Left to Right path when working in ACR and Lightroom?  I think I heard that about a hundred times when I first learned how to edit RAW files.  While that statement may be true, the panels’ order in ACR and Lightroom is a little bit off.

You see, there are some things in the RAW processing in ACR and Lightroom that take priority over others.  That means that even though the panels’ order is set a certain way, that doesn’t mean ACR and Lightroom are prioritizing where those things actually happen in that way.  It isn’t obvious, I know.

Think about it like a Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich.  There are two pieces of bread with jelly and peanut butter in between, right?  Of course.  But, that sandwich was not made in the order of the way you see it from a cross-section cut.  It was more than likely made with the bread split open, the peanut butter on one side, and the other’s jelly.  The result is a finished sandwich, but how it was built required certain steps to prioritize another for it to be complete.

The same is true for your RAW workflow.  I talk about this in the video below.  But I go into a LOT more detail with this concept in the IP² Profiles and Presets course.



Blake Rudis
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