Sometimes subtle blur is best.

I was in Alabama for several days a few weeks ago.  Every day I would pass this AC-47, the first Gunship in the Air Force inventory.  It was stagnant and lonely, a once guns blazing wicked machine bred for intimidation and mayhem was now sitting all lonesome in a static display.  Everyday I thought about that plane in all of its glory and just how sweet it must have looked in its heyday.


Certainly, I am not a proponent of war and I do not like thinking about the casualties that may have come from this gunship.  But it is a modern marvel.  Most people wouldn’t think of opening an Airplane window let alone stick a gun out the side of it.  It just amazes me what technologies we get out of military research.

Before I get too off track here, I couldn’t let this plane be a static display.  So I snapped a shot of it and did my normal HDR magic, at least I think its magic!  Then I just had to make this thing look like it was in its prime.

In this tutorial I will show you how I used the Path Blur tool to make the miniguns look like they were spinning in motion, guns blazing.

Tips for Path Blur:

  1. The whole image does not have to blur, duplicate the desired layer prior to spinning and use masks to recover parts of the original.
  2. In this tutorial I use the default settings, but experiment with the Speed of the blur for a faster or slower effect.

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Blake Rudis
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