A Master at Work!

I think my head is going to explode… the namesake of the “Welninski Drama” button, just used the Welninski Drama Button in an original Welninski workflow.  If that isn’t epic, I don’t know what is!

Jim is a great friend of mine and has been with me through thick and thin and many sleepless nights.  Seriously, we chat on the phone like high school girls until the wee hours.  However, we don’t talk about boys and makeup; we talk about how we innovate in Photoshop and all the facets of art, design, photography, and life.  He has quickly become a brother to me so when he told me he was producing this video I was elated and honored!

Jim’s way of working has inspired me from the first time I saw him speak in Chicago.  I think you will like what he does with Palette Effects.  In Jim’s smooth operator fashion, he has made this panel look really good 🙂

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Jim Welninski
Jim Welninski is a teaching artist and fine art photographer living and working in Chicago. He emphasizes vision and imagination over style and technique and has won many international awards for his work. He also teaches photography in the classroom at Chicago Photography Classes. Many of his students are award-winning photographer themselves.

Jim has a background in professional media production and has worked as an animator, video editor, sound mixer, and dialog editor. He is also a mediocre amateur musician. He lives just outside Chicago with his cat, Maddy, who allows him to live with her.

Find out more about him and his work at http://www.f64.co/Jim
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