Every once in a while Uncle Sam sends me somewhere for training that is pretty cool!  Buffalo, New York was last weeks destination, in this case it was more than cool…it was flippin‘ cold!  While we were in class for the bulk of the day learning some new equipment, we did have the opportunity to check out Niagara Falls as well as the origin of the Buffalo Wing.  Just take a look at how cold it was, walking around the falls it was barely pushing 20 degrees.  Just to put it in perspective, I was on the Beach with my wife in 65 degree Half Moon Bay California two days prior! 

I took a 4 image Pano of the falls.  This is not an exaggeration of the colors in that direction, the HDR image looks exactly as it did.  Check out the stairs covered in snow, they really put the Falls into perspective.  We would have gone to the Canada side to get a better look, but we didn’t have our passports….URGH!

The following day we went to the 2 rival wing places in Buffalo, “The Anchor Bar” and “Duff’s”. The images below were from “The Anchor Bar”, “Duff’s” restaurant as well as their wings weren’t worth wasting my memory on my camera.  In fact the wings were so bad, I wish I could wipe them from my memory period!  They were insanely salty and literally inedible.  “The Anchor Bar” wings, however, were absolutely phenomenal!  It was nice to know the originator of the Buffalo Wing knew what they were doing!

I put a fancy border on this one, sometimes it is nice to break away from the rectangle.  How did I do it… well you should have known I would tell you on Friday!


Blake Rudis
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