I am Biased, I did build it…  but here are my favorite Palette Effects 2.0 Features

 It has been nearly a year and a half since I updated Palette Effects.  There are several reasons for that and while many of them lead to,  “I have been busy”,  I do have one strong “other”.  I thought I was onto something with Palette Effects 1, and to this day I still do enjoy that panel. However, I hadn’t quite matured enough as an artist to develop what I really wanted or needed in my workflow.

Don’t get me wrong, Palette Effects 1 was a great start!  It just needed to evolve and it did it a little slower than it’s brother Zone System Express.

The truth is, that as our styles evolve, the necessity for our tools to evolve with it is apparent.  I, as an artist photographer, have seen significant improvement in my work over the last year and I attribute a lot of that to my growth in developing more Color Theory education.  Palette Effects 2.0 is a direct reflection of the evolution of both my artistic style and devotion to Color Theory.

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In this tutorial, I will discuss my top five favorite new features, but here they are in written form if you want Cliff’s Notes:

1  The Interface of Palette Effects 2.0

As you may have seen in the release of the Zone System Express 5, I learned quite a bit about CSS coding and panel development in the last year.   I put all that new knowledge to use and maximized on the real estate of the panel while maintaining user efficiency.

2  The Grading Palette

The Grading Palette on the first iteration of Palette Effects was uniquely random at best.  I had an idea, I just wasn’t quite there with it yet.  In Palette Effects 2.0, I developed a more predictable and user-friendly grading palette that makes color grading a breeze!

3   The Color Expander

I have taught you many times to use the Colors in your image for tonal edits, but I haven’t taught you how to use tones to create nonexistent colors.  Sounds intriguing right?  Well, I figured out a secret recipe to make colors in your photo where they do not exist.  It is pretty potent, so use it sparingly, but it will resurrect color in areas where color was non-existent.

4  The Effects

The Glows in Palette Effects 1 were nice, but now we have even more effects added to the mix.  There are Hazes, the distant cousin of glows, and the addition of Pictorial Effects.  These Pictorial Effects emulate the soft-focus glow of the early 1900’s Pictorialist Photographers.

5  Color Theory

If you thought I put a lot of Color Theory into the first Palette Effects panel and education, you got another thing coming!  Palette Effects 2.0 raises the bar of Color Theory education and adds some incredible Color Theory tools to the panel.  From an interactive Color Wheel to photo analysis, you will be well on your way to making more educated Color theory decisions.

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Blake Rudis
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