It can be difficult to handle the HDR process, especially with so many brackets running around your hard drive.  I have found the most efficient way to manage the chaos is with a very efficient filing system and the power of batch processing.  Batch processing allows you to use the same settings for multiple images thus cutting down on the time it takes for you to edit each individual image.

I use batch processing with Photomatix as well as Adobe Camera Raw to speed up my workflow.  It took me a bit of time to realize how to batch process my images in Adobe Camera Raw on a PC.  From my understanding on a Mac you can simply highlight multiple RAW images and right click and select edit in Camera Raw.  It wasn’t that easy on a PC.

You must first install Adobe Photoshop Bridge (here’s a crash course on Bridge from an old Tutorial).  It is a free install with the purchase of any Photoshop program.  With CC, just go to the cloud and click the install icon to download it.  Bridge will allow you to open multiple images in Adobe Camera Raw on a PC.  This is essential for any HDR photographer wanting to make their workflow much more time efficient.  Take a look at the tutorial to see just how efficient batching in Adobe Camera Raw can be.

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Blake Rudis
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