If you read the title of the email, you may have scratched your head and said… “who the heck starts a business without a plan?”  This guy, and if I were given the opportunity I would do it all over again.

I was recently featured on a Podcast with a fellow blogger and friend, Molly Marie Keyser, for the Venture Shorts Podcast and on it, we talked a lot about how we got started.

I want you to listen to it if you have ever had any desire to do anything.

“Well, Blake, that was pretty broad…”I know it was a broad statement, but here’s the deal.  Throughout your life, there will be factors against you and things that limit you.  For every one person that humors your dream, you will hear 50 that think you are the town fool.  But I implore you to pursue it and not be one of the 50 that limits yourself.

Did you catch that?

I want you to pursue your dream and just do it, do not be your limiting factor.  People have a lot of ideas, but ideas are worthless without execution.  I can go to a website right now and buy an idea for $5000, sounds like a lot of money.  However, on the execution side of the idea could be 1 Million Dollars.  Ideas are crap; execution is everything!  

Forget the plan and just execute.  The plan will develop as you go.  I have found that many people make a plan and then get consumed by the amount of work that is required to do it because the plan is bigger than their scope of knowledge.  That is self-defeat.

Instead work backward.  Think about the goal and work toward the goal planning along the way to meet the goal.  I am not talking huge goals, I am talking goals that are small and attainable, let’s call them survival goals, okay.

Once you meet the goal, make a new one.  Keep repeating the pattern and one day you will look back and say, “Wow… I got HERE from there?”

These concepts apply to everything.  They apply to your business goals, your personal relationships, and your passion in the arts.

Okay, I am off my soap box 🙂  She is an incredible boudoir photographer who helps other photographers create and sustain a business in boudoir photography.

Molly’s Awesome Site!

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