The 50% Gray Layer for Dodging and Burning is STILL Valid

Dodging and Burning, a very contentious topic among the community. Why?  Because some people will outwardly chastise you for using a method that they feel is “archaic” or “dated” or “unnecessary”.  Every time I dodge and Burn with a 50% Gray layer, the tutorial is followed by at least 20 comments and 50 emails asking me why I use a dated method for Dodging and Burning.

I have many reasons why I prefer this method, but first, what is the alternative?  The alternative to filling a layer with 50% Gray, set it to Soft Light, and use the Dodging and Burning Tools is to make a blank layer, set it to soft light, and use the brush tool with black and white.  It is simply an alternative with many different reasons for use.

One method is not better than another, in actuality, it comes down to personal preference.  So if you’ve ever wondered why I use 50% gray and not a blank layer with the brush tool.  This is why!

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Dodging and Burning
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