I have stated many times in the past that I am a sunrise kind of guy.  I prefer the sunrise over the sunset for the time of day really.  Sunrises happen early, so early that you don’t often hear,“Hey did you catch that sunrise?” I like that.  Sunrises feel like an intimate session with me photographing God’s early morning painting.

Sunset 7:05

However, there are times when I am forced to grab my camera and go out for a sunset.  I see these occurrences happening a whole lot more in the future, more-so than sunrises.  It is much easier to plan a sunset shoot around my son’s schedule.  There is some irony here talking about the sun and my son.  It reminds me of a phrase my old man says when I do something really dumb, “You are so bright I call you son!”.  

Sunset 7:25

With all humor aside, I recently went out and shot a sunset at the Weston Bend State Park.  There is a great spot there that overlooks the Missouri River.  The sun always tends to set right over this spot making it an awesome place to scout a sunset.  Although, you will be hard pressed to view it by yourself as many couples find their way here when the clouds and sun hit the color palette in God’s hand.


The other nice thing about sunsets is what happens afterward, Blue Hour.  That is the time when the sun is still on the brink of the edge of the Earth resulting in beautifully crafted blue skies.  Many who have not photographed it tend to put their camera away after the sun has set.  I implore you to stick around next time you are hunting the setting sun.  The blues that are cast are phenomenal on the sensor,  hook up that tripod and expect a long exposure, but it will be well worth it shortly after!

Blue Hour Barn


Tune in on Friday when I go into some behind the scenes on how this shot was created!

Blake Rudis
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