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Many people are talking about the ‘buzz’ surrounding the 5DayDeal right now.  I will spare you my thoughts on the bundle (I have nothing but great things to say) and instead give you my perspective on why I continually support their cause.  At the heart of my reasoning is their devotion to charities around the world through incredible Leadership.

I have seen many leaders in my day, and I know a few things about what makes a great leader.  There are three essential characteristics that all leaders should possess.  These characteristics are not to be taken lightly by the one who wishes to lead people and to be a real leader one must personify all of them in everything they do.  The 5DayDeal team possesses them and polishes them every year.

  1.  Vision
  2. Transparency
  3. Compassion

The Vision of the 5DayDeal Team

Every leader must have a vision for their mission.  A mission is one thing, but a vision is something the leader can see, taste, touch, and feel.  The vision is the one thing that keeps them motivated to press on and pursue greatness.  It is the backbone of every mission and mission statement.

A mission is pretty simple to convey to anyone who wants to follow.  Everyone wants to be on a mission of some sort and quite frankly followers enjoy being on a mission, so long as the mission is of good intentions and aligns with their values.  It is up to the leader to create a mission that people want to be a part of and it all stems from their vision.  If the leader’s vision is cluttered, deceitful, or inconsistent the followers will see right through it and the mission will crumble right before their very eyes.

After being a part of the 5DayDeal for two years, I can assure you that their vision is not clouded or covered by green money colored classes.  What you don’t see before you are the number of emails that have been exchanged between the 5DayDeal Team and their contributors about how much MORE can we do for the charities?  They are continually looking for ways to pull all of us together to align our talents so we can make the biggest charity impact of any Photography Bundle on the web.


We partner with niche leaders and provide a platform and system to multiply their reach and impact enabling them to offer their fans and others high quality education at a fraction of the normal price. We believe in giving back and helping those who are in need. A portion of every bundle sold goes to benefit charitable causes around the world- 5DayDeal

The moment I saw their first email go out in 2014, I contacted them and said, “I love your vision and your mission, how can I help?”


Transparency is Critical

The most inspiring leaders I have followed are the ones who are transparent.  There is so much to be said about open and honest transparency, free of hidden agendas and corrupt moral standards.  I have never worked with a more transparent company than the 5DayDeal team.

In the past, I have collaborated with other bundle companies whose intentions seemed like they were in the right place.  You see charity related packages and giveaways quite often, but how often do you see their results?  How often do you see where the money goes?

The 5DayDeal team has been nothing but transparent with their customers and contributors from day 1.  I have seen reports (that are classified under NDA guidelines) that spell out where every dollar from every bundle goes.  How is that for transparency?

Compassion and Humility Go a Long Way

Over the last five years, I have gotten to know many of the leaders on the 5DayDeal team.  I have shared conversations with them about business, personal life, and even exchanged parenting tips.  The leaders of this organization have an open-door policy, and their compassion and humility are apparent even in written text.

We have all been in an organization where the leadership seems inaccessible.  They come in, close the door, and all you can do is wonder what they do all day.  Maybe you have been fortunate enough to have leadership that leaves the door open, has discussions about you, your hobbies and your family life and can empathize with you when you are struggling.  The 5DayDeal team is the latter.

Beyond my relationship with the team, you can see the compassion coming through in their intent to give as much as they can to the charities that they sponsor.  This year they have a “Charity Match Bonus”.  In one single purchase, you can double your efforts to support those in need.


You can be a part of their mission and vision too…

This year the 5DayDeal is bigger and more robust than ever.  I am proud to be a contributor and have put together my own bundle of best selling courses.  My contribution coupled with many of my peers and industry leaders makes the bundle an incredible offer.  There is over $3000 of education at the tuition of $89.  You can rest assured that 10% of your purchase IS going to people around the world and IS making a difference.

Since 2014, the 5DayDeal has made over 1 Million Dollars in charitable donations.  You can participate this year, become a part of the mission and participate in the 5DayDeal’s vision with your compassionate contribution.

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