The Megapixel Monsters: Canon 5Ds vs Sony A7RII

Several weeks ago I rented the Canon 5Ds and the Sony a7RII with the Zeiss 16-35.  I will say that I was extremely impressed with the Sony and much less flattered by what Canon has given us in the last year.

While both cameras perform well, the Sony seems to have a bit more to offer in a much smaller package.  Before taking a look at this review or Canon 5Ds vs Sony A7RII battle, I want you to know that these are just cameras.  A camera will not make you a better photographer or artist, they are simply tools to get the job done.

I was shocked by how well the a7RII performed, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is better than the 5Ds.  Both cameras are designed for specific photographers.  The Sony a7RII seems to target the masses the bulk of the photographers on the market looking for a full frame mirrorless camera that is well rounded for every job.  The Canon 5Ds on the other hand, seems to be more for the product or studio environment photographer.  You might say this comparison is like apples and oranges.  If you are talking about taste and texture they are very different, but they are both fruits in the end.

Below are the Spec Sheets for both cameras along with the differences and some of the ways I controlled my experiments.

In this tutorial/battle I will put both cameras side by side in a series of field tests.  Below you will find the topics as well as the minute marker you can find them in video for quick navigation:

  1. Camera Specifications-  01:22
  2. Practical Application-  06:15
  3. Field Test 1:  Even Exposure Images-  13:25
  4. Field Test 2:  ISO Tests-  14:21
  5. Field Test 3:  5 Axis Stabilization-  17:56
  6. Field Test 4: Dynamic Range Comparison-  18:55
  7. Reports and Research:  20:29
  8. Blake’s Final Thoughts:  25:48


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