Color Theory and Topaz Plugins


Have you ever used Color Theory when making your edits?

How about the Color Wheel?

Really, do not be shocked if you have not used either, heard of either, or know how to implement them in your photographic workflow.  It is not something we, as photographers, spend much time on.  We usually think of painters when we think of Color Theory, but understanding it can do a world of wonders on your photographs in post.

Those 2 questions up there, I asked those to the readers of EverydayHDR and found that nearly 70% do not use either.  Like I said, not shocked, nor is it against any “secret photographers code”.  It was just a short survey and you should in no way feel guilty, ashamed, or any less of an artist!

Today at 4PM CST I will be conducting a webinar with Topaz Labs to discuss the Color Theory of Topaz Products.  I will go over a short (very short) Color Theory course to show the basics and run right into how you can begin to gain control of your colors during the editing process with Topaz Labs Products.  

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In case you miss it, I will post their uploaded version here when it is available on YouTube.

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For this webinar there are a series of downloadables (PDF document and several Color Wheels and Color Cheat Sheets).   Click the button below to download them. Fownload

Much of this information comes from my latest tutorial package, Beyond the Wheel:  The Color Zone System.  While much of the Color Theory information was abbreviated to ensure the most time was spent with Topaz Products, the training package covers it in MUCH greater detail. Compass-Black-White-and-Beyond-The-Digital-Zone-System


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