.17 Megapixels to 35 Megapixels… WHAT?!?

My wife, kids and I went to Cannon Beach, OR a few weeks ago.  We had a blast, it rained the entire time, but it was still very nice to be with the family on the West Coast (or the left coast as my East Coast roots would describe it).  We had one good morning to take the kids to the beach, that’s it, out of 5 whole days, one good morning.

While I was doing some long exposure stuff my son, Michael, was pushing the sand around with his feet.  I think he was fascinated by the wet sand under his boots for some reason.  I was way too into my camera to notice this was a moment happening, but my wife saw it as a grand opportunity to grab a quick snapshot with her phone.  Later I saw this picture on Facebook and loved it.


Me being the inquisitive artist that I am, grabbed the picture from her Facebook page (with her permission) and brought it into Photoshop.  I cropped it to create more of a ‘moment’ and noticed it was very small and very pixilated.  Just as I was about to dump it, I thought, “what would happen if I ran this through Topaz Impression?”

The results were stunning!  I proceeded to blow the image up even more and run it through impression again, still stunning!   In this tutorial I will show you how I took a .17 Megapixel Snapshot and turned it into a 35 Megapixel work of art!

Dad an Michael on the Beach Painted

Get Your Hands On Topaz Impression!


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Blake Rudis
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