The Wife, her Uncle Scott, Uncle’s Wife, Ginger, and I all took a trip over to Weston for the 2nd Annual BBQ Fest.  We were expecting BBQ everywhere with samples and stuff, but instead there were only 3 vendors serving up BBQ.  It was rather delectable but it wasn’t what we expected.  It was more of a competition for those there than it was for the public to taste, regardless, we enjoyed ourselves.  Downtown Weston MO is a beautiful place to take a stroll, some buildings are over 200 years old.  There are many kitsch shops and if you are into alcohol, there is the McCormick Distillery tasting room.

The Old Buildings in Weston

I See A Red Door And I Want It Painted Black

Unfortunately for the Weston residents, the Missouri River continues to rise due to the cumbersome release of water at the Gavin’s Point Dam in South Dakota.  The river is encroaching upon the streets of Weston submerging the railroad and several businesses as you see here.  I never put serious thought into the  destruction and severity of flooding until recently.  Witnessing itfirst hand has reminded me that, as humans, we can only do so much here; it is mother nature who holds extreme power.  We can build skyscrapers just to watch them crumble at the feet of an earthquake.  Whole towns can easily become engulfed by the mouth of a river or destroyed in mere seconds by the path of tornado.  It is humbling.

After we left downtown Weston we came across this old beat up truck on the side of the road that graciously directed us to a Farmer’s Market.  It is as if the is lone wreck knew I had a hankering for some sweet corn.  Apart from the awesome produce, the farm had such an incredible view.


I figured out a crazy new technique for making very dream-esque landscapes that makes for an awesome one click Action.  I will reveal the tutorial this Friday!  Have a great week.

Blake Rudis
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