How to Make Your Adobe Portfolio

How to Make Your Adobe Portfolio

There is no excuse for poor representation!  Get on the web with your Adobe Portfolio!

Recently Adobe Portfolio was announced as an added benefit to those of us high on the Creative Cloud.  While you may have overlooked that email, I implore you to take a closer look at how powerful this can be for you as a Photographer and Artist.  I am often asked what my best advice is to anyone starting out in the Digital Photography world.  My answer is always, “Get on the web!”

Certainly there are many ways you can “Get on the Web” from social media to building your own custom website.  All of these have their pros and cons and some are much easier than others, trust me 🙂  With this new addition to your Creative Cloud subscription you can make an excellent and lasting impression with your Adobe Portfolio.

Adobe Portfolio

When I first received the email about the Adobe Portfolio I gaffed it off and put it in the deepest depths of my inbox.  As time when on I thought, “I may as well hop on there and at least secure my name”.  As I was poking around the features I started to get pretty excited.  The more I experimented the more I liked it and soon enough I had taken down my old site and attached my Adobe Portfolio to it.

I would say that in total it may take you an hour to build it.  You can make it as robust as you’d like with the many features that are available.  Some definite pros of Adobe Portfolio:

  1. You will own an attractive looking space on the web.
  2. You can attach any domain to it as long as you own it.  However, Adobe will supply you with a address
  3. It doesn’t take long to build a handsome site, there is only a very slight learning curve.
  4. If you are a Creative Cloud member this service is FREE!  Sites that look this good cost a lot of money.

This week I took the opportunity to walk you through the process I took to make my Adobe Portfolio.  I will also show you how I bought a custom domain name and attached it via GoDaddy.  So here you go, everything you need to get yourself on the web with Adobe Portfolio…. No more excuses!!!

How to Build the Adobe Portfolio

How to Link your Adobe Portfolio to a GoDaddy Domain


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  1. Excellent presentation! Top notch production quality. Great narrative and delivery! Super informative.

    • Thanks, Richard! It’s not easy making website building “sexy”, lol.

  2. Excellent presentation. This is easy to follow and encouraging to do! Thanks

    • Thank you Lynda! I certainly hope you make one. If you do, post it here so we can all see.

  3. I spent several weeks learning how to build a professional website at night classes and it was so involved I went the whole course but have done nothing with it since. You have convinced me to try Adobe – much simpler and appears equally effective. Many thanks Blake.

  4. Thanks for this Blake. This one slipped by me. I’m going to get this done.

  5. Hi Blake, i am trying to upload a file to the page i have created in projects but i can’t upload the file it keeps saying “Response does not include signature” how do i fix this??

    Thanks & luv you tutorials!

  6. Seems like the Adobe server hosting the pages is a bit slow. Perhaps that will get better.

  7. Thanks Blake. I’ve found your instructions to be much better than those provided by Adobe for using their project. Working on a build as we speak.

  8. I love the idea of disabling the right click for Save as kind, but still it’s not secure to put Fine Art on the web. I am member in CC for photographer, I learn, learn, learn. I spend spend and spend to grab photos that with all your “BIG THANKS FOR IT” teaching can give me great results and unique if I may say.

    I made a test of taking few files from those sites “protected”like, 1.15 MB 96ppi file I convert to 35.5 MB 240-300ppi enhence it a bit and I get a much bigger picture that is nice enough for print. I dont do it cause I have all it take for doing my own one.

    If I can do it many others can to.

    Although I started to do that portfolio, I am not convince yet I will publish it to let others take advantage of ART I should get paid for it. Very personal idea.

  9. I have Adobe Creative Cloud but I don’t remember ever receiving an email about portfolio or if I did I must have deleted it – can I still join the portfolio and if so how?

    • You should be able to still. Go here: then enter your details for your CC Membership and you should be able to get started right away.

  10. Thanks Blake, you made it easy! I shared your page on the North Central Camera Council Facebook page
    With my shared post, I added tips about my experience starting a portfolio I added captions to photos and a video to a project. Pretty sweet.

    This organization reaches 40 camera clubs in the upper-Midwest, USA.

    I encourage others to share working examples here of alternate Adobe portfolio layouts.

    • Very cool! Thanks for sharing. You are all right at my back door. I am in Kansas City. If you ever want me to come speak I would love to. We can work out the details if you are interested.

  11. Thanks Blake as usual top tutorial! On my mac the ©is alt+g.
    Thanks again Anthony

  12. Blake why is showing as this? The domain is no longer parked by GoDaddy.

    • I am not sure? I am not seeing that on my end. That is odd.

      • alls fine now problem rectified itself thanks Blake

  13. Hi Blake – Thanks for posting this video and information on Adobe Portfolio. THIS is just perfect for what I want to do in making a web site and linking it to my Portfolio on RedBubble as well to my Flickr site and now my new Facebook site. I went through GoDaddy and secured my domain name like you suggested. Having done some web sites many years ago I felt comfortable using the program.

    Blake! I love how you experiment with editing, my brain thinks editing in LAB Color Space all the time and applying blending techniques. Your tutorial on “Blend If” was the missing piece for me…thank you so much for that!

    OK, here is my attempt at Adobe Portfolio –

    Thanks Blake!


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