How to Make your Fall Colors Pop! [Video]

Using Palette Effects 2 to Make Autumn Images Glow! I am a big fan of this time of year.  The pumpkins, the weather, the hoodies, and the snuggles under blankets... yes you read that correctly, I am a snuggler, it is one of my love languages,  so what? It...

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Palette Effects 2.0 Top 5 Features

I am Biased, I did build it...  but here are my favorite Palette Effects 2.0 Features  It has been nearly a year and a half since I updated Palette Effects.  There are several reasons for that and while many of them lead to,  "I have been busy",  I do have one strong...

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How to find and free up disk space [Video]

Using Treesize Personal to find Heavy Files I, like many photographers, like to hoard my images.  Seriously, we could probably have a reality TV show for photographers like me.  That would be funny a guy shows up at my office, looks through my drives and says, "Dude,...

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The Vivid Light Blend Mode [Video]

A Color Grading Companion - The Vivid Light Blend Mode There are 27 blend modes in Adobe Photoshop and if you are anything like the "me before I learned them all", you are only using three, maybe four to their maximum potential.  One of those you may be...

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Vivitar 500mm lens, too good to be true?

Does the Vivitar 500mm lens hold up to it's hefty $119 price tag? It is not very often that I need a 500mm lens.  I can recall a handful of times I said it would be nice, and maybe once at Indian Beach in Oregon where I NEEDED it.  Therefore, the...

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Raw File and Data Collection – Video Tutorial

Raw File Data Collection Here on f.64 Academy and f.64 Elite, I talk about data manipulation quite a bit.   More specifically, I show you how to edit your images in Photoshop (data manipulation).  I have done well over 300 tutorials on data manipulation in Photoshop,...

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