Contrast Checking and Topaz Products

Contrast, it is the basics to every image we produce.  However, the Black and White tones made up of 0-255 control so much more than just contrast.  They play a major role in our colors as well.

Often times during the editing process we get caught up in the Color Confusion (that is what I like to refer to it as).  This Color Confusion is when you scratch your head as you look at a photo and wonder just what is wrong with it.  You may have been working on this image for 2 minutes or 20, but something just looks off.

Anytime I start to scratch my head like this I resort to what I know, and know well, Contrast!  Converting to Black & White can help you fix these tricky off-color areas with ease!

I have used this tactic before and shown it asThe Contrast Checker” on Digital Photography School.  Now, however, I am going to show you how this applies to Topaz Labs software and how you can implement the same strategy as you edit your photos in Topaz Products.


Along with this Webinar I have an Action package you can download.  


Much of the information in this Webinar came from teachings in the Black,White & Beyond: Digital Zone System.  You can access this training by clicking the picture below.


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Blake Rudis
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